Our main goal for this day is for students to make connections in their Advisory Group with both their teacher and their peers. These connections will be very important to their success in the coming year.

Our second main goal is around successfully connecting to, and learning about, the platforms they need to be successful. If by the end of the day they can login to their Google account and reach their Canvas page, they are ready to begin their classes.

10:00 am Advisory Group Meet and Greet
Students will meet their AG teacher, participate in some class activities, and be given clear guidance about how to login to their learning platforms.

12:00 pm Advisory Group Canvas Tour
Teachers will guide students through their schedules, as well as take a more extended look at Canvas and the tools they will be using.

2:00 pm Advisory Group Q & A
Teachers will bring their AG back together to check-in, troubleshoot, and gather questions to answer immediately or throughout the week.

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Student Orientation Day

Student Schedule with times