During the week of September 23rd-27th all 7th graders at Silverton Middle School will be given a test of intellectual ability called the Raven.  Silver Falls School District uses this information to screen students for eligibility for services in the Talented and Gifted Program.  Students who score at the 97th percentile or higher proceed through the identification process.  The Raven is a measure of general intellectual ability, not of any knowledge or skill.  It is a series of increasingly complex designs, and students look for patterns and relationships.  Students usually find it fun to take.  There is no way, or reason, to prepare for the test.


If you have any questions or would like to receive copies of the scores, please make an appointment to meet with Hillary Combs, Silverton Middle School Counselor at 503-873-5317 or combs_hillary@silverfalls.k12.or.us.