SMS came in first place in the November Breakfast Challenge and has won $2000.00.

2018 NSBC Highlights Report

Geography Bee Finalists:

Michael Cummings, Amelia Broyhill, Colton Eich, Steven Powell, Lauren Ortega, Gaby Roth, Lei Taylor and Dylan Scott.

Top Two: Steven Powell and Lauren Ortega

Champion: Lauren Ortega!

January Students of the Month: Perseverance

8th Graders: Gracie Rothgery, Caroline Escalona-Diaz, Eli Scheib, King Fisher, Owen Bruner and Phillip Merrill.

7th Graders:  Naiya Brown, Acacia Trocha, Estefanie Carbajal, Leiland Stevens, Marcus Capener, Julian Rios and Aiden Ross.

6th Graders: Baron Odman, Inez Lucaz-Garcia, Alexis Coffelt, Madelyn Stolfus, Alina Joya and Emma Wuichet.  Not pictured: Leah Kuzmin and Aaron Sura.

Mrs. Hayden is awarded the $1,000 Maps Grant!


Silver Falls Students Reduce Waste!

December Students of the Month: Gratefulness

6th:Elijah Ulloa, Colton Eich, Kamren McKeown, Charles Cilia, Jose Enriquez, Natalia Vazquez-Trejo and Autumn Thomsen.  Auvie Andres Guentner in the front!

7th: Ariana Meraz, Melia Horner, Gwen Arbuckle, Emily Lloyd, Emali Allen, and Parker Platt.  Not pictured Logan Forster and Gauge Ball.

8th: Jackie Leao, Jaiden Cook, Rory Tegen, Eli Summerton, Elia Sosa and Cassie Owings.

November Students of the Month: Courage

6th: Onaya Johnson, Teagen Cain, Sequoia Smith, Helen Yancey, Hunter Jensen, and Damien Koch.  Not pictured Leo Hammer and Daniel Files

7th: Emali Allen, McKinely Hines, Emmett Harris, Gavin Wernette, Cruz Gutierrez, Raden Hernandez, and Michael Cummings

8th: Ashton Leach, Steven Powell, Jackson Pfeifer, Lainey Geisel, Mei Taylor and Abigail Kimlinger in the front!

Congratulations to Silverton Middle School classified employee Sarah Wiesner!

October Students of the Month: Responsibility

8th Graders: Left to Right:

Gavin Cathey, Lucea Fronza, Lei Taylor, Morgan Stadeli, Elle Fischer and Ezra Bradford

7th Graders: Back Row, Left to Right:

Alina Gutierrez, Damian Londura, Levi Edge and Haeden Senter.  Front Row, Left to Right: Charlotte Leland, Addison Smith, Brynn Kelsey and Bella Taylor.

6th Graders: Left to Right:

Arturo Juarez, Daisymay Lind, Yatzil Juarez, Joey Coffelt, Amelia Broyhill, Omar Hernandez and Alan Garcia.

September Students of the Month: Kindness

8th Graders: Left to Right:

Hannah Bashor, Courtney Zurcher, Laryssa Stevens, Jade Perez, Ashley Acosta-Solis, and Yaneth Gaspar

7th Graders: Left to Right:

Savannah Moore, Emmett Limbird, Addie Bashor, Jimmy Rankin, Kristina Baldwin, Sandy Gaspar and Justin Burke Morgan


6th Graders: Left to Right:

Lily Clarke, Neveah Rios, Nikita Shadrin, Gunner Tennimon, Sawyer Enderley, Wyatt Postlewait, and Jose Resendes.                                                                                                                                                    Abby Anderson