It walks in your classroom everyday if you are paying attention.  And other days it totally leaps out at you.  Recently, SMS had one of those days. Falcon students are INSPIRING.  The work of the advanced art students was beautiful, inspiring, and touched so many people during the Lunch and Learn Show on January 11th.  If you haven’t heard, below is the story.  If you weren’t here to take it all in, scroll through the pictures!

Sam and Chinaka

A magical story about Lunch and Learn you may not know…. We had a special visitor, Chinaka Hodge, a fiercely talented poet, educator, playwright and screenwriter, who flew in from California just to meet one of our students.  Sam Perez, a Falcon 8th grader, who is deeply inspired by this poet created a portrait of Chinaka and posted it online; Chinaka saw the portrait and responded. Sam mentioned our art show and issued an invitation. Chinaka Hodge surprised Sam and the rest of us by flying in from California to attend our Lunch and Learn! She took the time to interview each of our artists and post the interview on her live feed on Instagram.  Her followers were pouring in with comments on our students and their art!  Chinaka also took the time to meet with a group of our Language Arts students, where she performed live.  January 11th was truly an amazing and inspiring day, one of the most memorable at SMS!